St. Eirene Church (Hagia Eirene - St.Irene's Church), Sultanahmet, Historical Peninsula, Istanbul

The 4th century St. Eirene Church, also known as Hagia Eirene Church or St. Irene's Church is located in the 1st court of the Topkapi Palace on the Historical Peninsula in Istanbul. The St. Eirene Church is one of the oldest Byzantium churches in Istanbul.

Due to its location inside the Topkapi Palace, it is not converted into a mosque during the era of the Ottoman Empire. It was used as a weapon warehouse at the Ottoman era. Today, after the restoration it has been used for cultural activities and exhibitions. Due its very high quality acoustic, there are variety of important festivals such as Istanbul festival are being held.

The St. Eirene Church is closed for visitors except the cultural activities such as the concerts and exhibitions. The St. Eirene Church can be visited with the permission of the Hagia Sophia Museum Administration Staff. It is also one of the best churches in Istanbul to visit and see.

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