Istanbul Fountains & Cisterns

Tourist information and guide to top best fountains & cisterns in Istanbul, Turkey...

As Istanbul is one of the best cities considered as the capital of culture and art, the fountains and cisterns in Istanbul are outstanding.

Below are the popular and best fountains and cisterns in Istanbul.

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  • Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan) in Sultanahmet

    The Yerebatan Basilica is one of the most popular tourist spots in Istanbul. The Yerebatan basilica was built in the 6th century as an underground cistern across Hagia Sophia, in the historical peninsula.
  • Fountain of Sultan Ahmet III in Sultanahmet

    The Fountain of Sultan Ahmet III is a baroque style fountain that was built in 1728 and it is one of the most beautiful ones in Istanbul.
  • German Fountain in Sultanahmet

    The German Fountain, also known as Alman Cesmesi or the Fountain of Kaiser Wilhelm II is located between the Hippodrome and the Blue Mosque in the historical peninsula.
  • Tophane Fountain in Tophane

    The Tophane Fountain is a beautiful baroque style one located between Kilic Ali Pasa and Nusretiye Mosques in Tophane and it was built in 1732 by Sultan Mahmut I.
  • Fountain of Sultan Ahmet III in Üsküdar

    Fountain of Sultan Ahmet III in Uskudar was built in 1728. It is located across the Uskudar Port. The fountain has great architecture and has poems on its four side that belongs to Sultan Ahmet III.

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