Great Palace Mosaics Museum, Sultanahmet, Historical Peninsula, Istanbul

The Great Palace Mosaics Museum is located beside the Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet, Topkapi Palace garden, Historical Peninsula of Istanbul and contains numerous mosaics taken from the Palace of the Byzantine Emperors. The museum is one of the best museums in Istanbul.

The history of the Mosaics Museum dates back to Byzantium era. There were numerous Byzantium palaces from Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome to the coast. The mosaics were the most valuable pieces at that era.

The artists who have come from the various regions of the country have made a huge mosaic with 40,000 pieces to the ground that covers 1,870 square meters. Later on, during the 7th and 8th century, when the painting is forbidden, the ground mosaics have been covered with huge marble panels (that shows how those mosaics are still in good condition today).

During the era of the Ottomans, due the possible danger that may come from the sea, the Ottoman palaces have been moved to Golden Horn region and a Turkish district have been established on this mosaics area by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. After a big fire on the district, the hidden mosaics have showed up and after the diggings in 1921 and between 1935-1951, the mosaics and remnants of the Byzantium palaces have been revealed. The area have become a Great Palace Mosaics Museum in 1997 that hosts the best and the most beautiful mosaics in the world.

The museum is also one of the best places to see in Istanbul.

Great Palace Mosaics Museum Opening hours: open btwn 09.00-16.00 except Mondays
Phone: (0212) 518 12 05

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