Istanbul Parks & Gardens

Tourist information and guide to top 10 best groves, parks & gardens in Istanbul, Turkey...

As Istanbul is one of the best cities considered as the capital of culture and art, the parks and gardens in Istanbul are outstanding.

Below are the popular and best parks and gardens in Istanbul.

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  • Yildiz Park (Yildiz Grove) in Yildiz, Besiktas

    The Yildiz Grove & Park is located in Besiktas, in the Yildiz Pavilion that was built by Sultan Selim III for his mother. The grove has variety of beautiful pools, waterfalls and ponds as well as with beautiful gardens and trees. Some of the trees are about 400 years old.
  • Gulhane Park in Eminonu

    The Gulhane Park is one of the most visited one Istanbul. It is located in the historical peninsula. The park was once a rosary shelter and garden development place for Ottoman Palace. The Gulhane Park has variety of gardens, pools and welcomes the visitors in its beautiful environment.
  • Emirgan Park in Emirgan

    The Emirgan Grove & Park is located in Emirgan and covers an area of 325,000 square meters. The parks has variety of pine, umbrella pine, cypress, fir, willow and lime trees.
  • Fethi Pasa Grove in Uskudar

    Fethi Pasa Grove is located between Uskudar and Belerbeyi, on the Bosphorus Asian Shore, Istanbul. Fethi Pasa Grove covers a 16 hectares of green area and has an outstanding panorama of the Bosphorus.

  • Romantika Fenerbahce Park in Fenerbahce, Kadikoy

    The Romantika Fenerbahce Park is located on the Fenerbahce Peninsula, Kadikoy and the park is very popular with the Istanbul locals with its beautiful open and closed areas. The park overlooks the famous Princes Islands.
  • Beykoz Grove in Beykoz

    The Beykoz Grove is a beautiful grove nearby the Bosphorus in Beykoz. It belongs to Sultan Abdulhamid II era.
  • Mihrabad Grove in Kanlica

    The Mihrabad Grove is a beautiful grove overlooking Bosphorus and covers an area of 25 hectares, located in Kanlica. There are variety of gardens as well as with monumental cypresses, umbrealla pines, Judas and bay trees.
  • Cubuklu Hidiv Ismail Pasa Grove in Cubuklu, Beykoz

    The Cubuklu Hidiv Ismail Pasa Grove is a beautiful grove located in Cubuklu, Beykoz. It is kind of a small grove but it is beautiful with pine trees, firs and cedars. Also the Misir Hidivi Abbas Hilmi Pasa palace nearby the grove is a great architectural masterpiece.
  • Bebek Park in Bebek

    The Belgrad Forests are one of the most green places in Istanbul and covers an area of 5,300 hectares of land full of oak, beech and chestnut trees. There are variety of picnic areas for the visitors.
  • Ulus Parkı in Ulus

    The Ulus Park is located on the Adnan Saygun Street in Ulus, Istanbul. The Ulus Park is well preserved one and has an outstanding panorama through the Bosphorus.
  • Naile Sultan Grove in Ortakoy-Kurucesme

    The Naile Sultan Grove is located between Ortakoy & Kurucesme and the name comes from the daughter of Sultan Abdulhamid II. There are variety of beautiful valuable trees and flowers as well as with an outstanding pavilion.

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