Top 10 Restaurants in Istanbul

Tourist information and guide to top 10 best restaurants in Istanbul, Turkey....

Istanbul offers wide range of Turkish cuisine at the variety of well established, good and luxury Istanbul restaurants. Istanbul also offers wide range of world cuisine such as Mediterranean, Japanese, Italian, French, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese and Thai food. Sea food at the luxury restaurants by the Bosphorus is also recommended.

Every region of Istanbul offer great restaurants. Below you may find the best restaurants in Istanbul that worth a visit and enjoy the gastronomy.

  • Develi Restaurant in Samatya, Kalamis, Etiler, Atasehir, Kadikoy, Florya and Eminonu

    Develi Restaurant offers the past traditions into the present and aims for the future as a Turkish brand. Develi Restaurant has become the symbol of Turkish Cuisine with its over 100 years of expertise combined with authentic tastes and unique concepts in different regions of Istanbul.
  • Kasibeyaz Restaurant in Florya

    Kasibeyaz Restaurant offers great Antep dishes and kebabs. The restaurant serves the best cuisine to its visitors since 1987 in Florya.
    Address: Senlikkoy, Catal Str. No:19 Florya - Istanbul
    Tel: +90 212 444 10 40
  • 360 Istanbul Restaurant in Istiklal Avenue, Taksim, Beyoglu

    360 Istanbul Restaurant has one of the best that has to offer with its spin off of the traditional Turkish cuisine and 360 Istanbul’s international flare. Starting with Mezes (appetizers) made especially for sharing with your table partners. These exquisite morsels have been carefully selected and sectioned into Veggie, Sushi, Crisp Pastries, Fish & Shellfish, Salads and Soups. Next, the main courses are presented in a selection of Vegetable, Pasta & Pizza, Meat & Poultry and Fish specialties from the charcoal grill or slow cooked. Many of the main courses are our original recipes again mixing Turkish and international influences coupled with an ingeniously engineered and extensive wine & dessert menu.
    Address: Istiklal Street, Mısır Apartment, 8th Floor No: 163, Beyoglu, Istanbul
    Reservation: +90 212 251 10 42 - 43 , +90 533 691 0 360
  • Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Etiler

    Nusr-Et Steakhouse was established in 2010 and has become the leading steakhouse by serving delicious meats in a homelike atmosphere. Nusr-Et Steakhouse is the best place for delicious Steaks in Istanbul. Visitors are able to find high quality foods in a home-like atmosphere with the excellent service.
    Address: Nispetiye Str. No:87 Etiler-Istanbul
    Tel: +90 212-358 30 22 ; +90 212-358 30 23 ; +90 212-265 30 37

  • Hamdi Meat Restaurant in Eminonu

    Hamdi Meat Restaurant is an authentic restaurant famous for its kebabs and meat dishes. The restaurant is located in Eminonu. A matchless landscape of Istanbul, Galata, Eminonu, Sultanahmet, Bosphorus, etc... Chef Hamdi has successfully brought the basic specialties of the Southeastern Cuisine to the heart of Istanbul and has pursued his course to the present day by firmly preserving the original flavors and continuously developing his conception of restaurant service.
    Address: Tahmis Avenue, Kalcin Str. No: 17 Eminonu, Istanbul; Tel: +90 533 658 80 11 , +90 555 992 38 78 , +90 212 528 03 90
  • Chilai Restaurant in Bebek

    Chilai Restaurant is a lively restaurant located in Bebek, at the heart of Istanbul nightlife. The restaurant offers great cuisine to its visitors with lively atmosphere, ambitious and unique menus.
    Address: Cevdetpasa Str. No:60, Bebek - Istanbul
    Booking: +90 212 263 63 15
  • Konyali Restaurant in Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet

    Konyali Restaurant is located at the 4th courtyard of the Topkapi Palace Museum in Sultanahmet, Historical Peninsula and offers great Ottoman & Turkish cuisine to its visitors.
    Address: Topkapi Palace Museum, Sultanahmet, Istanbul; Tel: +90 212 513 96 96
  • A'jia Restaurant in Kanlica

    A'jia Restaurant has been rewarded with the "Five Star Diamond Award" by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. The restaurant offers great Mediterranean cuisine. A'jia presents an exceptional alternative for people who would like to have a view of the Bosphorus and enjoy the historical character of Ahmet Rasim Pasha Mansion in a minimalist new setting.
    Address: Ahmet Rasim Pasa Yalisi, Halide Edip Adıvar Str. No 27 ; Kanlica - Istanbul
    Tel: +90 216 413 9300
  • Cibalikapi Fish Restaurant in Golden Horn

    Cibalikapı Fish Restaurant is a bridge between the "meyhane" culture and today. The restaurant is reminiscent of old Turkish movies, when friends used to get together at old "meyhanes" to enjoy the good food and drinks as well as the sweet music and the long conversations that last until late hours of the night. A wooden building, wooden floors, tables and chairs.
    Address: Kadir Has Str. No:5 ; Cibali, Haliç - Istanbul
    Tel: +90 212 533 2846
  • Karakol Restaurant in Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet

    Karakol Restaurant is located at the 1st courtyard of the Topkapi Palace Museum in Sultanahmet, Historical Peninsula and offers great Ottoman & Turkish cuisine to its visitors. Karakol Restaurant, serving as an A La Carte Restaurant and Cafe, will be pleased to host its esteemed guests in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere at one of the most favorite venues of Istanbul.
    Address: Topkapi Palace Museum, Sultanahmet, Istanbul; Tel: +90 212 513 96 96

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